No one man can be said to be an ORACLE and at same time a Legend .Legends come once in 100 years ,while Oracle come every 500 years .

I am glad to have a PRINCIPAL that is both ,a man that can make Oasis out of Sahara dessert, a man who can make a swamp mint Gold , a man that has a touch of class and distinction. He love challenges, he wrestles with whirlwinds and turn that into AIR CONDITION .

Many people can only fault him on his giving ability ,giving in the sense that they felt that with his Financial status ,with his acute sense of money making ,with his unlimited connections ,with his reach and Riches that once you met him he will make you an instant Millionaire, stay in his good book he will make you DANGOTE ,but that is analysis for his next birthday  .

As much as he has the capability to do such and much more than that ,but my old man will say “adiro amu ake ekpe na nka” [You can,t learn to be left handed at old age] ,all his life ,he has been measuring the worth of everything he eat ,drink and wear. If you think because he is a made man and you can sale a packet of Chin Chin to him at #200  and he will not be the wiser,then sorry is your name .His problem is that he wants to get all the worth for every penny he spends and not that he is not a giving type, but he is the one that will not give you up to expectation or give to sycophants so that they will celebrate him or praise him ,if that is who you want ,check the next door for this one is blocked not even ordinary closed.

 He cannot pay for Coca Cola at outrageous price just because it was served at BURKIMHAM PALACE with GOLD TRAY ,if the cost is higher than what it should be, he rather trek for a mile and buy one because he understand what it takes to make money and therefore wasting it is not his forte.

This is a man who came out from the blues to storm the shark infested water of Anambara politics ,when the terrain were blessed with tigbue zogbue . When he made that clarion announcement which petrified the state so much that everybody that passes that BILL BOARD stopped to read it again and ask who is that GUY ? ,the simple selling question ,the simple Logic in discuss ,the Mega intro was “IS ANAMBRA CURSED OR WE ARE THE CAUSE ?”.

A very pregnant question ,an idiomatic command that rattles even the erect .A question nobody has ever pondered over ,a wake up call and that alone made many people like me who never looked at politics as a thing that leads to progressive society . I never dreamt that ANAM BARA will one day be rid of leaches that parade the wide and breath of our state. I saw Anambara state as a state rejected by the gods or in other hand a place the gods segregated for shit field of the gods .

From time immemorial ,we have been at the receiving end even from our fellow igbo brother states. The state faith was so bad that even the gods conspired and coined a SLOGAN for us “HOME FOR ALL CRIMINALS” ,yes we have them in great numbers .We have ndi asi ka agbaru agbaru ,fa asi ka fa buru so fa [When you say ,lets carry the burden as a team ,they will say no way that they can do it alone ].

This is a state that one person can use his political pot and cook for the entire state  and  the state will have enough and remnant . Trying to bring sanity into that state always end up brewing total insanity to all the corners of the state ,that made people to look at that young man ,unknown to the middle and low class citizens PRIOR to that “IS ANAMBRA STATE CURSED OR WE ARE THE CAUSE” of the state with a second eye ,the question on the lips of every son of the state is –CAN this man with handsome face and HARD question  “can this man be different from other political hooligans  that besieged the state ?”.

The situation got worse and the minds of people sagged including mine when the man in question started asking the same questions all over the TELEVISION AND RADIO ,the fears that crouched  the mind was his FEMININE VOICE ,he spoke with so much feminine touch that we wonder, can this one be able to come of from his shadows talk less of walking the HYNEA path that led to Political wilderness of the state where LIONS eat FOXES for breakfast and ANACONDA feed on rattle snakes for lunch . The sceptics like me shook our shoulders and started looking askance on the green horn that wants to play with the ABSURD .

Well that tiny voice ,that gentleman ,that man who wore PACKET SHIRT in his first political statement was a ZOO KEEPER . He won the election in 2003 ,then the political brawlers snatched it away from him, as usual we forgot about him but that was the first mistake ,as James hardly chase will say “when a man if full of confidence ,that is when he is WIDE OPEN for a sucker punch” ,the state BALLOT BOX SNATCHERS ,the OKIJA ORDINATION COMMITTEE ,the King makers all laughed and thought  they,ve taking the spoil once again, but they did not know that some men do not believe in the igbo parlance “Oji ife nwata welie aka elu aka lobe ya owetuo ” ,some like the man in discuss believe oji ife Nwata welie aka elu ,chado ya oku ka ukwu ,ofuba ya ufu otupu ife oji na aka [if a man should take that which rightly belong to a child ,the child should not wait for his hand to be weak to bring down his hand ,simply put some fire on his leg ,so that when he is uncomfortable with the heat and he will throw that which he is holding down to enable him sooth the burning sensation down his leg].

He speak with little female voice but with Thunderous effect and that tiny voice ripped apart every asunder that predates the state .He was able to put in check a peace that has never been witnessed before ,he was able to bring the LIONS,TIGER,CHEETAH ,MONKEYS ,LAMBS ,HORSES ,DOGS ,SNAKES and they domiciled in same room without blood letting.

He commanded my Royalty not with Fund [we know he is not the type that gives to rattle you ,if he gives you transport fares ,be rest assured that you will not get 10 kobo change after the cost ,because he can calculate it to the last Bus stop ,he cannot give you a penny short or penny more- LOL ] ,my royalty is on what he did to SCHOOLS in my state ,he took it from worthlessness to height of bia furu [come and see],he restored the health of our state by the provision of great atmosphere ,he gave us the best ROAD NETWORK in the entire nation where you can move from OKA  to EKWULOBIA within 20 minutes .He created so many SPURS on our roads that you have to decide which apiam way is faster .He equipped our Vigilantes to extent that they drove crimes far away from our state and in his last 4 years in the state there was no Bank robbery, Kidnapping scaled down to brother vs Rich brother.

He energized the town PGS that it became a position of envy ,every December he will give 1 million Naira each to all the 177 communities in the state for PALIATIVE works.

He kept our Kings mobile that Ndi Igwe no longer ride bicycles buy they drive SUV .He gave every town ,i mean every town in the entire 177 communities in the state not less than 4 state sponsored projects.
He made MDG to have meaning ,he took ASUBED to level of jealousy .

For once in our state men and women with different political parties set aside party names and work with the state MAGIC WAND called ANIDS ,a name that resurrects and bestowed ,a name that made the state a cynosure of all eyes.

He rescued IBETO CEMENT when OBJ decided to bury the effort and wealth of that young man in other to leave 100% control of National Cements in the hand of his business Partner Down North.
He took INNOCENT CHUKWUMA “INNOSSON” from hopelessness to state of the ART MANUFACTURER of CARS,BUSES,TRUCK,MOTORCYCLES,PLASTIC CHIARS AND TABLES and many more ,,,he bought more vehicles from the company than any other .

Besides all the above deeds ,he left the state in surplus of 75 BILLION NAIRA both in Cash and Investments ,whereas other Governors are leaving the state with a minimum of 200 BILLION NAIRA debt and a decayed and malnourished state.

Hear my old woman , she will say “Okwute ife di ka gi akona anyi oooooo”.

I will say without fear or favour that his only mistake ,which is grievous enough was to ,let me ask my old man how to present this in a euphemistic fashion ,he says “onyelu nwata ife kariri ya  ” as i was pondering that he interjected “Onye amaro na oga echi ozo,ochie Eze onyalu inyinya na olu” [If you give a child what is greater than his bidding ,the child will be asking who is he going to deliver it to......Another is He that never knew he will take an Ozo Title ,if you make him the King ,he will start a Living Horse on his neck as Necklace just to make a difference] and i will say sometimes ogo emelu onye bicycle must end with ibo ike na onaba [give favour to a bicycle rider ,he or she must bo ike while going].

From the debt of my heart ,from the united love of my beautiful family  we say


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