As  I submitted my sheet to the stern invigilator who looked like his wife miscarried his first son, I realised that it was over.
However stern this man want to look, he would never scare the devil out of me again, like he did the last 4years.
From my usual spot at the back, I watched John as he hugged Chioma in such a way that expressed the untold love they have shared in silence for 4 years.
Either, John was not man enough, or Chioma was so marylike that they couldn't profess their hidden love for 4years.
At this moment, as they were locked in each others arms, it probably dawned on them that this might be the last time they might stand so close to each other in many years to come.

I looked intently on Chioma, and captured the tears as they flowed freely from her pupils down her cheeks.
This is that moment that strips the man in you, and clothes you with emotions; this is that moment when you say and hear that hardest word. The moment you say goodbye.
It occured to me that I might not see these faces that have shared the same classes with me in 4years.
***How time flies.
I still remember walking into this citadel of excellence, like a new maid servant, with that big brown envelope that haboured my papers of hope.
cowering around in fear of the unknown, hustling to get my name on every attendance list, thinking it counts, because my lecturers said so. Battling for sit at the bus stands, because I was running late for a lecture that never held, or a quiz that was never used in grading my assessment.
All those sleepless nights at Garuba Square and Management; just to load in what I would eventually offload during the exams, and never remember them once I leave the hall.

Those moments I pretended to be reading, with my eyes fixed on a massive anaconda, or slim framed lady, as she wiggled her asset up and down.
Those moments I was turned down, and turned on.
A lot to remember. Is it the graphics of  Allen, The laws of Ebeze, the production of Ibemesi, the speech of Dunu, the theories of Uzochukwu, or the fine tuned queen english of Ekwenchi.
These and many more I would live not to forget.
I couldn't talk to anyone, because a speech could bring down the tears that has lingered in my eyes for long.
I just left the hall, and was walking down the hallway before we met. She walked up to me, and in a manner I least expected, she engaged our lips in one passionate kiss. ***What I have longed for since our first year.
Yes, that was her parting gift, was this a yes to the question I asked her in our second year?
To all fresh graduates of Mass Communication. Go out there and practice the gossip you have learnt for 4years.

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