One thing common among students of every institution is the giving of names to people, including lecturers. Recently a well known lecturer in the department of mass communication, UNIZIK had an interesting article written about him based on his wonderful uncorresponding tales in class.


Dr. ABDULAHHI LINUS [King of Stories]

But for my Pals, Frodo, Mac, Fergie and JK, most pals here might not know these Gentle man.

He is one man that wouldn't go unnoticed. Fortunately everybody here knows him, and would realise he is the one being talked about towards the end.

"Abdulahhi" if that's the correct spelling, pardon me I am not Hausa. Is one of the Gentle Men I admire in this institution. Smartly dressed and diligent in his duty, as he always keep to time.

He is so prompt to appointments that I have wondered if he is actually married as he use to say.

You wouldn't want to miss his class, as each class comes with a new story that makes you wonder the authenticity of the previous one.

Today, his Friends made him stop smoking, tomorrow he comes with a new story. This time it is no longer his Friends but his wife. I wonder if he ever smoked at all. But if he does, I wonder if he has actually stopped.

Yesterday, he was at a night club with his Friends, and this stripper was dancing, his Friends were amazed and wowed but he kept looking at the opposite direction and was like

"what does this girl think she is doing, devil incarnate".

I wonder why he went to the club in the first place, and which guy throws his face away, when a stripper is performing.

Today, he was busy looking at a girl's ass, the same man that couldn't watch a stripper at the club. I wonder if he actually went to the club, and even if he did, who knows if he didn't dash the stripper money after her dance.

One of his favourite stories is one that amuse me the most. Why he doesn't pick people while driving.

According to him, his uncle picked a girl who later died in his car sometime ago.

Now I wonder if the girls that occupy his front seat most times, are ghosts.

***What do I like about this man?

For every lecture, there is a new lie to substantiate the theories in that lecture.

This man has told so many stories, that I can't differ his lies from truth.

The only man that came for a job interview, while others were agitated, he wasn't. Rather he went to eat, and when it was his turn, he entered the room of over 7 professors, and after greeting them he demanded for his seat.

It didn't end there, when the professors started bombarding him with questions, he told them to chill, and ask the questions one after the other, pointing at the first person to ask.

Abdulahhi is the only man that wears an impeccable italian suit and shoe only in his stories.

I have never seen him in suit before, I am still waiting.

I believe by now you know the popular Dr. Linus Abdulahhi in Mass Comm.

Share the lies he must have told you.

( written by a mass comm student)

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