Twerk Added to Oxford Online Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has added the word ‘twerk’ and some other words to its online dictionary to reflect new language trends worldwide.
According to latest update, some of the words includes carnap, FLOTUS, presidentiable, Batchmate, crowdfunding, Internaut, webisode and photobomb.
Others are dartboard, tan line, young gun, South Korean, North Korean, Special Olympics, and self-immolate.
The OED Editor, Danica Salazar, who made the announcement, said that the word twerk, a dance popularised by music stars and Internet memes, actually dated back about 200 years as a combination of twist and jerk first spelled as “twirk.”
He said that the acronym FLOTUS (First Lady of the U.S.) and Philippine word carnap, meaning to “kidnap,” or steal was also updated in the dictionary.
Salazar said several other new entries are from South Asia and South-east Asia, where several hundred million people use.
Katherine Martin, the OED’s Head of U.S., in her submission, noted that some of the latest words were popularised via the internet.

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