Tonto Dikeh Will Die in the Next Five Months?

Tonto Dikeh has succeeded in throwing her teeming fans into a bout of worry and uncertainty as she posted something very disturbing about having just five months left to live and how she will most likely cease to be amongst the living in the next five months.
Below are the words and image she posted:

“Woke up today with a joyful heart; with a smile that only The Angels would understand. I’m happy even thru my pains and sorrows… I see LIFE differently and I wonder why he saves me each time. A little girl died this morning. She was my friend for a week. She was a great little girl and she could pray. She believed and was faithful. God has his reasons… But I’m alive And from this day I have only one thing to promise myself – hardcore Self love and happiness. I’m in a very happy Place with me. Scared of course but I’m excited to know that I can be happy through anytin.
I use my self as a point of Contact to every sick person. I don’t know what you re going through but I proclaim healing and health into your lives… By his stripes, you are healed. I asked God for a miracle. It didn’t come as a healing. It came in form of a Man (MrX) who is ready to hold my hands and make sure I know nothing but happiness till the end… Identify your miracle and Give God d glory even when the doctors say “Ma’am u have 5 months to live… #ISmile #StrongWoman #HappyWoman #CheatingDeathwithAsmile #SpecialThankstomymedicalteamandDoctors #Special thanks to @sir_rozlah #No Pity party needed #HAPPY WEEKEND SWEETIES.”
Please, are you also worried for Tonto Dikeh?

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  1. Seriously! It's well my dear. God knows best


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