This year Engineering night, was one to reckon with, as it was tagged as one of the best, that has happened in the faculty of Engineering.

The event kicked off at about 9pm on Friday, 26th of June, at Suncity Hotels, Regina Hospital junction Temp site. It started  with the Red carpet session, were engineers appeared in their smart outfits. Some of the guys appeared in suits, while the remaining appeared in their jeans and T-shirts, as they have always been known for as Engine students.  The ladies appeared in dazzling dinner gowns; one will begin to wonder, if they were the ones, who read-up their very hard FEG courses, and go to  the workshop for their practicals and experiments..they were actually SOFT!!!

The MCs of the  day, Mc Gentle and Mc SP, were at  their best,  as they cracked the rugged rib bones of Engine Boys..Their combination was simply the best we have seen in the whole of the South-Eastern region.

On the wheel of steel was DJ On Top, as he killed it all  through, giving us the beats we needed, to feel the vibes for the night..That man is on top of his game at the moment..

However, the raffle draw was also held, and to everybody's amazement, it was the most transparent ever..The first prize winner, popularly known as 50, from the Department of Electrical Engineering, went home with the star prize of A Brand New Laptop..The second prize winner went home with A Refrigerator, and the third prize winner went home with A Generator set..All were given their prizes at the spot, and they went home with it happily..."No wuruwuru"

The pageantry show went down well as we saw very cute guys and sexy ladies on the run way..They say Engineering faculty don't have beauty queens, one will wonder were those endowed damsels, originated from...Wow! they were just fresh and  spotless.They came out in their different attires, and showcased different acts and stage performances. At the end, Miss Okeke Chisom, a 100l student of the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, emerged as the Miss Engineering, while Mr Gerald, a 200l student, won the Mr Engineering..

Awards were presented to important dignitaries, who in one way or the other, have contributed immensely to the growth of the faculty at large..

The UNIZIK MATA TEAM [Media 911 Crew], was also one of the awardees..

We are taking this time out to congratulate the Faculty Executives, being led by Comr. Chukwumalu Remigius and his wonderful cabinet members, for giving us a very eventful faculty week, and writing their own names on the sands of time, as one of the Best Executives the Great Faculty of Engineering has had in a while.

Long Live NUESA!
Long Live The Faculty of Engineering!!
Long Live Nnamdi Azikiwe University!!!

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