Nigerians Express Mixed Reactions to Same S*x Marriage Ruling in US

Many Nigerians have condemned the United States for legalising same-s*x marriage.
The US Supreme Court made same-s*x marriage legal throughout the country on Friday in a much-awaited landmark decision.
In a 5-4 ruling, the apex court stated that the Constitution required all 50 states to carry out and recognise marriages between people of the same s*x. The ruling made the US the 21st country in the world that recognises same s*x marriage as legal.
President Barack Obama who welcomed the verdict described it “a victory for America.”
While Obama considers the verdict as being a welcome development, many Nigerians on the internet on various platforms however expressed dismay over the news.
One of the Nigerians who condemned the judgement, Ataisi Frank, writing on his Facebook page said, “Any attempt to discuss and implement the legality of same s*x marriage in Nigeria, then will politicians and the whole world know the meaning of ‘enforcing righteousness and advancing kingdom authority’ by radical Nigerian Christians. We are different from America; our foundation, culture and spirituality is different. We are deep here; forget about our silence on political happenings, a real Nigerian Christian loves God with his or her life.”
Another Nigerian, Ibrahim M with the Twitter handle, @ibrah_shuwa, said, “We will see a breakdown of the family and family values if we (Nigerians) ever decide to approve same-s*x marriage.”
Similarly, Citizen Paul with the Twitter handle @PaulUtho wrote, “For the law against same s*x marriage in Nigeria (not) to be overturned, we must stand our grounds against western influence on this issue.”
Muhammadu Kabo, tweeting as @Minikabo said, “I am totally against same-s*x marriage in Nigeria!”
Another Nigerian, E.A. Simpa (@simpaAbel) tweeted that if Americans come to Nigeria to practise homos*xuality, they would be considered criminals.
However, Chika Kema posted, “Nigerians are hypocrites. Sin is sin. The same way God will be angry with homos*xuals is the same way he will be angry with armed robbers, kidnappers, fornicators, adulterous, cheaters, liars and murderers.

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