Honourable Grace Ebiere Joseph-Akwunwa

Hi, We are seriously looking for a very capable marketer who lives in Akwa and not far from Unizik to join our marketing team to market our product to Unizik. We want someone living in Akwa so that the person can do a proper follow up for us with Unizik and give us results. We don't want someone who lives far from Akwa. We produce customised/branded student diaries for tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Our marketers are paid solely on the basis of commission. They get N15 on each diary the schools produce. Please we want only a smart and dedicated person who will have the time for the job. We don't want students because they have proven unproductive in the past. As they usually come up with excuses of attending lectures and writing exams. Attached are samples of the student diaries. It will be highly appreciated if you can assist us in this regard by connecting us to someone who lives in Akwa that you think will be able to do the job. Just direct the person to me once you find one. Basically, the job of the marketer is to take our proposal and sample of the diary to the school and follow up until we get an approval letter from them to produce the diaries. You can read more about us at You can also add me on Whatsapp +27748082504 for further discussion. Thank you.

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