Following the just concluded Fosssa week which ended on Saturday with an all night party featuring a pageantry, was according to eyewitness, confirmed boring uninteresting and disappointing as a result of the many flaws that came with it. According to a source who would not want his name out, told us how students where harassed and flogged, uninteresting artiste were invited, pageantry results was rigged and a host of others.

Carrying out his duty as campus journalist, the final year student popularly known as frank posted a news about the poorly organized event at about 12:25am the next morning in reaction to Frank's post the fosssa vice president, Ekene Ezeumeayan at about 1:30 posted a news on the 100 level mass communications' group chat referring to frank as a "hungry journalist" and a "mischief maker" and also praising the sponsor Okwaifugo for bringing three artiste which according to him has never been done before in Unizik and serving the Executives with Yogurt and gala.

Whereas, before frank could reply him, the students of the group chat have already bombarded him for overrating an unsuccessful event.
Then came the campus journalist with his sarcastic comment by pleading with the Vice President to allow him post his 'press release' to a wider audience like the Facebook page so as  to yield bigger impact.

The campus journalist also posited to reply the Vice President after his last examination paper that is if at all if feels like,
Nevertheless he ended his report by qualifying the Vice President's statement as defamatory, laughable, childish and lacks maturity. 
Ironically, the fosssa vice president is also a mass communication student.

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