Doris Simeon Spotted at Mountain of Fire Church

Popular actress Doris Simeon is in the news again and of course, it’s tied to her husband Daniel Ademinokan, a popular movie director who left her for another actress, Stella Damasus with whom he relocated to the U.S.A with a couple of years ago.
Doris, a multitalented entertainer who has presented series of interesting television programs got separated from her husband, Daniel Ademinokan in 2012, and their separation story has been going viral for years now.
Doris has been telling whoever cares to listen that she can’t pin point the reason for the crash of her marriage. In a recent interview with punch online, she said her husband alleged she was keeping a close tab on him which to every reasonable person is not an excuse especially spouse.
She has over time denied keeping a close tab on him as she never suspected him of infidelity because he was a good husband and a responsible father who spared no cost in caring and giving their son the best.
‘‘He just woke up one day and decided he didn’t want the marriage again. I can’t say what actually happened. I did not suspect if he was dating any woman or not because we were best friends and I trusted him too.
When the problem started, I was begging him for reconciliation. I am an orphan with nobody to run to and his family members also tried to intervene. At a point they fought him because he stopped picking their calls, even his pastor. Before the separation, I suggested counselling but he promised to turn around for good.

He would leave the house for days and would not pick my calls. Afterwards, he accused me of nagging and policing him around. At a point, he came back and told me it was lack of money that caused the problems. As a good wife, I suggested we pray about it.
He told me one day he wanted to go see his mother and took our only child with him. I didn’t suspect anything because they usually go out together. That was the last time I saw my then two years old son, until recently when he turned 7.
If there had been issues or quarrels here and there, I would not be so bothered but there was no issue at all to warrant him vacating the house or stop picking my calls,” She says.
Recently, Doris Simeon was spotted at the Mountain of Fire & Miracles Church, (MFM) Prayer City that is popularly called Solution ground where most believers receive their total deliverance and healing from all forms of setbacks.
This session entails abstinence from food, water or whatever for days, while fervent prayer goes on. Doris was spotted praying to God with a picture of her husband and son raised up for blessing.

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