Some Wolves In Sheep Clothing - Deputy whip, SUG, Unizik.

It is with Great Joy and Gladness that i welcome you all Great and Noble Zikites into a new month, and i pray that this month will fulfill in your life that which you wish for, that April couldn't proffer to you (AMEN).
Nevertheless, permit me to digress a bit as i highlight the state of the union. There has been assumptions of Chaotic upsurge in the SUG. I hereby write to elucidate that notion, The SUG is highly in order just that a few unscrupulous elements along side impersonators who tends to be fighting for the good welfare of the students but in disguise punishes them all.
My advice to every Zikite is that they should scrutinise every form of Articles or persuasive verbal communication regarding to the union by these wolves in sheep clothing whom out of there selfishnes monopolized the government. Great Zikite, Be rest assured that the union will definately be brought back to it's proceedings as the Students' Representative council is working tirelessly in order to maintain the already existing peace and unionism in the government.
Finally, I Hon. Umeohia Chidiebere representing the Good, Erudite and proficient students of the department of physics and industrial physics, Nnamdi Azikiwe university, Awka. Cease this opportunity to welcome you all Great and erudite Zikites into a new semester, i implore you all to continually portray that distinguished honorable and disciplinary qualities that makes us exclusively Amiable.


Yours faithfully,
Hon. Umeohia Chidiebere.
Deputy whip, SUG, Unizik.

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