In an interview section with the Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering Dr. C.H Achebe,  he had this to say about the new students,  the Department and the Faculty at large.

Good day sir, we are crew members from Media911 (unizikmata)
UNIZIK MATA: May we meet you sir

DR. ACHEBE:   Good morning, I am Dr Achebe Chinonso, the HOD of Mechanical Engineering.

 UNIZIK MATA: Due to recent developments in the faculty and latest happenings, People out there think that Engineering is a very difficult faculty.What do you have to tell our dear students harbouring such fears.

DR. ACHEBE: Fear is a vice and not a virtue, students normally do have ideas about certain discipline, but it's all about putting in your best, dedication, doing something extra, people have done it, and they don't have double heads or more brains, and yet have excelled, and are somebody today. Put up a good fight and lay off fear.

 UNIZIK MATA: Is there any other information you would want to pass across to the students?

DR. ACHEBE: Yes, I think they should stay away from other clandestine activities, cultism, all manner of vices and activities that can terminate their lives and career; and focus more on God, because with God you can get to anywhere in life.

 UNIZIK MATA: For complaints, is the door open to Students?

DR. ACHEBE: Yes, mine is always open to my students and Guess every others too. Come lay your complaints because we want to serve the students well as the future of the nation, our doors are open. If they get the best, they can give the best. We understand ourselves, because we are the immediate parents they have. We have done well in the past and we want to do more.

UNIZIK MATA: Words have it that the department of Mechanical Engineering have become the department of the moment. As the HOD, what do you have to say about that?

 DR. ACHEBE: Yes, considering the latest events we've dwelled in, we are keening squarely on Professor Ahaneku led administration on issues of practical oriented activities in the university.
The university originated from technology, and we are going back to that status. In the past, we have made a lot of things, but we haven't made enough noise. The just graduated students of last session did something that caught the VC's attention, which is the Formula 1 car produced by my students.
 This year, we are doing something greater; One group is making a mini bus (shuttle bus), another a Power Bike and another a remote controlled flying device.
We want to do things using our little resources and it will be done in our own workshop inside the school.
 To show the world that we can do these things, it has happened before, and it will happen again.

 UNIZIK MATA: Thank you very much sir, we will be following up events as they unfold in your department, especially the shuttle project you made mention of, and other respective progress to be recorded.

DR. ACHEBE: That will be my pleasure

 UNIZIK MATA: Thank you very much for spending time to talk with UNIZIKMATA

Courtesy: Unizik Mata Team (Media 911 Crew)


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