Pastor Beaten Up By a Commercial sex Worker For Patronizing Another

A pastor in Calabar, Cross River State, was severely beaten by some commercial sex workers because he employed the services of another woman instead of his regular service provider.
According to an alleged eyewitness report sent to Pulse, the pastor named Effiong, had been secretly patronizing the sex workers at a popular brothel in the Watt area, and there was a particular woman that often rendered services to him.
Here is the eyewitness account:
“Trouble brewed for him when he went to the hotel with his bible on the pretext of preaching as he always does. But unfortunately for him, his regular woman was engaged with another man and instead of waiting for her, he went to another lady’s room and was busy enjoying himself when his regular woman came out and was told that the pastor had gone to another woman.
I never knew that prostitutes could be jealous o. The lady went to her colleagues room and banged on the door, accusing the woman of snatching her man.
The one inside was not happy with the accusation and opened her door in anger and engaged the first one in a fight. Other prostitutes of hearing what happened, grouped and descended on the Pastor and beat him blue black.
It took the intervention of other patrons of the hotel to get him out of the clutches of the women who were busy insulting him, calling him unprintable names.
It was a show of shame indeed.”

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