Interesting!!! See What This Sharp Guy Did To A Girl Trying To Scam Him

Some girls ehn, They can lie and Trust me the Smart Bobo’s aint sleeping either.
The Girl sent a Message to his lover on Facebook asking for assistance and the following conversation ensued between them.
Read below:-
Girl: Its about my study dear, my project is the major headache am having right now, all my mates have gone ahead of me in the project. I have spent 50k so far in the project, still have to carry out analysis that will cost me upto 100k and now my mum that suppose to send me money is down with Malaria, please dear I don’t know if you could be of help pls.
Boy: Of Course I can.
Girl: Waoooo thanks dear. Should I give you my bank details pls?
Boy: Yes you should.
Girl: EYEE K**dness, 207273442*, UBA thanks so much I really appreciate.
Boy: Don’t thank me yet. I have not provided any help yet. The help I can give you is to suggest a very good malaria drug for your Mum, so she can get well immediately and send you the money.
Has she tried Artesunat?
Good Morning guys

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