Prayers are being sent to Emmanuel Adebayor from all over the world as we write this.
It’s no secret that footballer has unleashed the frustration of his family drama on social media. With weekly posts chronicling how his family have used, abused, stolen from him & tried to kill him.
And in the latest twist it has just been revealed that the public war of words between the 31 year old striker and his family has made him want to kill himself.
This has prompted his club Tottenham Hotspurs to rule him out of this Sunday’s game against Everton. He also won’t be going on the teams post-season tour of Malaysia and Sydney. Adebayor’s compassionate leave was decided after he held urgent talks with his club, after it was revealed he had to be talked out of killing himself by his sister Iyabo according to Mirror Sports.
According to UK’s Mirror Sport, Adebayor said,
Many times I wanted to give up. Ask my sister Iyabo Adebayor how many times I have called and was ready to commit suicide. I kept these stories for years. But if I die, no-one would know my story, no-one would learn from it. Some people say I should keep these stories private. But someone has to talk about it.
Tottenham is hoping the time off will give Adebayor the time off he needs to resolve his personal issues.
This bizarre turn of events has gotten quite a number of Nigerians getting very emotional and worried about Adebayor and his ongoing travails.

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