A culture enthusiast, journalist and educator, Jumoke Owoola has emphasized on the significance of ‘Indigenous Knowledge and Development;’ a course in which she recently completed her MSc at the University of Ibadan.
For Jumoke Owoola, life begins and almost ends with Indigenous Knowledge and Development. IKAD, she says, is the key to personal and national development. It not only exposes one to the core values of life, it also brings to the fore the key rudiments of human existence.
She said:
“The benefits of IKAD are enormous. If we make use of our indigenous medicine, which is affordable and accessible, it will reduce premature death. If we promote our local textile, it will create jobs for many youths and adults. It will also reduce the crime rate and prostitution. Farmers will get cheaper tools to use if we can look into indigenous blacksmithing. We can invite the Chinese here and train local blacksmiths on mass production. Our local songs will sell like gold abroad.”

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