1) "I'm fit to challenge my problems; I'm hyper confident to face them! By God's might I can win the fight. So, be fit to challenge your problems; be hyper confident to face them! Through God's might you can win the fight. Be strong & abstain from ways that are wrong." NDJP

2) "I behold my problems as the repositories of my victories, winning them gives me success, bearing them is a proof of my greatness! So, behold your problems as the repositories of your victories, winning them gives you success, bearing them is a proof of your greatness!" NDJP

3) "there is 'MISSION' in the word 'OMISSION': never you carry out the OMISSION of things that will help you to accomplish your MISSION on earth before death!" NDJP

4) "there is 'MISSION' in the word 'SUBMISSION': your SUBMISSION to the Will of God will help you in fulfilling your MISSION in life!" NDJP

5) "there is 'MISSION' in the word 'COMMISSION': allow God to COMMISSION your MISSION & you'll receive a huge COMMISSION after you've accomplished your MISSION!" NDJP

6) There is 'MISSION' in the word 'EMISSION': In your life, make sure there is EMISSION of factors that will help you to accomplish your MISSION; [E-MISSION means Excellent-MISSION when there is emission of favorable factors, otherwise E-MISSION means Encumbered-MISSION]. NDJP

7) "Don't just physically polish & refurbish yourself by claiming to have good characters, rather psychically nourish, replenish, & furnish yourself by aiming to build good characters!" NDJP

8) To be mature in nature, you need to receive good nurture & apt torture. NDJP

9) "God has given you the power to STRIVE & to SURVIVE; the power to DRIVE till you ARRIVE; the power to THRIVE & be able to make it ALIVE!" NDJP

10) Those who are envious or jealous of you are always watching you, don't give up so as to keep them being envious & jealous! NDJP

11) Sometimes, you'll become suspicious just because you've become more serious & more meticulous! NDJP

12) There cannot be 'emittance' of good cognizance from one who is riffle with abundance of ignorance! NDJP


14) *INSPIRING SAYING: "No time is late for whoever is determined to be great! Life is a jungle, everyone should struggle!"* NDJP

15) The nitty-gritty of making friends is neither to take advantage of others nor for others to take advantage of us: rather, it's for mutuality & reciprocality! NDJP

16) Never allow the potentiality in you to be tainted by any iniquity happening around you or your locality. NDJP

17) Many are more popular than myself but they aren't as jocular as myself! I've created a field for my friends: they've to be within the field for them to be defined as my true friends! NDJP

18) When you're starving, don't just give up, but remember the God you're serving! {see Joel 2:25; Zechariah 8:13 & 23}  NDJP

19) Life doesn't end here on earth, you have to struggle because at times life turns into a jungle. Face your challenges squarely! NDJP

20) IMPOSSIBILITY shall never be an encumbrance to your POTENTIALITY if you're always seeking The Almighty to grant you the ABILITY to elude every INIQUITY & to rightly carryout your RESPONSIBILITY! NDJP

21) No need to CRY when God says you should not TRY! Go NIGH to The Most HIGH, only Him will always make you SMILE, He can never see His true child in EXILE & walk by! NDJP 

22) From your onus you shouldn't walk AWAY, desist from every evil WAY, & as you journey through the path that leads your success you won't go ASTRAY! NDJP

23) Don't fall in love with someone who is not in love with you; because on falling, you'll crash & the person won't catch you! NDJP

24) You can't feel the depth of God's constant love for His children if your psyche has been sentenced to death by atrocities! NDJP

25) Righteousness of man is not when there's "absoluteness of perfection" [i.e. when there is no sin at all], but when there's consciousness of transgressions, when there's true repentance & forgiveness of man's transgressions. NDJP 

26) Just like the way a candle wax is melted so that the candle will illuminate light: the same way the true presence of God in one's psyche burns sins & illuminates righteousness through which God's blessings & favours are received. NDJP

27) There is "AGE" in the word "STAGE", every STAGE of your life is to be accomplished @ a certain AGE @ which you can gain the accrued ADVANTAGE! NDJP

28) I'm putting on BRONZE, yet I'm being admired by someone wearing GOLD all over; the REALITY is that my POTENTIALITY makes me a PERSONALITY! NDJP

29) The materialisation of your success will be POSSIBLE only & if only you are determined & RESPONSIBLE!

30) Stop thinking of all you have lost, rather be thinking of how to get them back & work zealously to restore them! NDJP

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