Xenophobia: MTN Nigeria Warns Against Attacks on its Facilities | Says Nigerians are 99% of Workforce

Corporate Service Executive, MTN NigeriaWale Goodluck, on Monday warned that Nigerians protesting against the ongoing xenophobic attacks in South Africa, should not vandalize Nigerian-based MTN offices, as Nigerians make up 99 percent (about 6,000 in number) of their work force.
According to Punch, Goodluck also stated that people who are calling for the boycott of MTN services are making a huge mistake, as this would cause over 500,000 Nigerians to be unemployed, as such actions would affect the company’s support chain.
“This business supports a lot of businesses across the length and breadth of Nigeria. Many of the businesses that are affiliated to South Africa are in the retail space, supporting the growth of Nigeria and employing so many Nigerians,” he said.

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