Wow.. This is intresting as Unizik introduces her Taekwando team..The Taekwando team are those who believe in the strength of the mind like the Chinese and most of the Asians( Jet-li, Jackie Chan)

Behold, we now have our Unizik Jakie Chans and Jet Lis..It is expected that when this team come of age, they will take after the popular Unizik Anti-cult and if possible, the whole of the security department..The taekwando team is  open  to all students, across all levels,who believe in self defence and not having to call the Police or Army when severe cases arise.

This team hopefully should be gaurding the Vice chancellor and his entourage, taking the place of the mobile police men known as Mopol that follow him about with guns..#winks#

It is opened to all students, especially those with the zeal of eradicating guns and weapons, those who kick against human oppression, and also those with the strong will of making our environment a safe one to live in..#PUSH#

VENUE:  Ekwueme Research Institute,  beside Faculty of Arts perm site..

TIME:  Monday 5:00-6:30pm; Wednesday 5:00-6:30pm; Saturday 7:00-9:00am.

Taekwando students should be able to defend themselves at any point in time, they should be able to defend their male or female friends,  their course mates and also their lodge mates..So ensure you talk a friend into joining this team..#Lolz

You never can tell, he /she might just be your saving Hero ....Give it a trial NOW!!!

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