We Are Still Here Forever! Ali Baba’s Message On 9th Wedding Anniversary To Wife Mary

pular comedian, Atuyota Akporobomeriere, alias Ali Baba and his wife, Mary celebrate their 9th Anniversary!
The love story between the two is not your usual ‘Romeo and Juliet’ one. They met in 1992at a bank where Mary was working, Alibaba had gone to open an account and Mary was in charge of customer care at the time. Later on, a friend of Ali Baba who was also Mary’s cousin introduced them.
After dating for sometime and having a child together, they parted ways for several years and in 1998Ali Baba met and married his now ex wife Patricia Leon, their marriage ended in2003.
All through his marriage to Patricia, Ali Babaand Mary remained friends even when he was with Leon because they had a daughter together.
After three years of begging Mary after his marriage with Leon ended, Mary accepted Ali Baba back, their first daughter was 15 years old at the time. The two finally got married in 2006.
With nine years of marriage together, the comedian posted this message on Instagramon marriage and celebrating his wife:
“Here’s what the comedian had to say about marriage. “Happy Wedding Anniversary to us… It’s been a story of both ends… Sadness and joy, rich and poor, yes and no, here and there, fight and play, this and that, laugh and cry, hope and despair, high and low, yours and mine, plenty and scarce, friends and foes, we and them, good and bad… But here and now… We are still here forever and ever”.

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