The Student Representative Council (SRC) the Legislative arm of the Students Union Government of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka has suspended two of her members on the grounds of "sabotage and impersonation". The two members are Hon. Comr. Eweama Samuel representing Computer Science constituency and Hon. Comr. Nonso representing Banking and finance constituency.
According to the motion adopted by 2/3rd majority of the house, the suspension was to be on pending reference to disciplinary commitee.
Their offences were acting as Presidential press boss and Legal advicer respectively. The house also picked offence in the disclaimer sent by the press boss Comr. Samuel on the "disbandment" of presidential cabinet members.
Speaking to DPP the Press Director said "This guys need to review GSS101! how can you disband people who don't work for you!. Like i said the SRC has to Constitutional right to disband anybody whatsoever in the Noble cabinet. They can suspend temporarily but disband NEVER!"
Also adding " I remain the director and will defend the rights of all zik Giants through the press so those who are not comfortable should deal with it."
The legislative Advicer also said " There is no standing order which is meant to regulate activities of the house so this suspension is illegal".
A court summon was also served the SUG President Comr. Noble Eyisi by the Students Judicial Council (SJC). The Excutive Arm dragged the union boss on a two count charge of Autocracy and Usurping of powers.
Speaking to DPP, the press boss had this to say " how can people be this jealous and be enemies of progress? it baffles me how people campaign and spend money just to come in and impoverish students the more? Comrade Noble Eyisi has the interest of the students at heart. Students should beware. A certain cabal of people want to reverse a just cause. The few dividends of unionism we have delivered to you is about being reversed. This is the time to stand up and say NO to bad eggs who are geared at exploiting unsuspecting students".
The president presented a bill for the actualization of the #150 food price sponsored by Hon. Freedom Chumereze after the former sponsor Hon. Comr. Nonso have been suspended. The president also apologized for not carrying the SRC along fully as according to him Necesity has been placed on him to deliver at all cost.

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