The Menace of “Campus Marriage” in Our Institutions

Campus marriage is an act of living together under same roof by two students of opposite sex. They eat together, read together and even have sexual relationship without legally being married.
This form of unrecognised marriage has eroded morality among Nigerian students in tertiary institutions. Sadly, this type of relationship does not lead to a recognised or formal marriage between the partners as it ends at the school.
Majority of the students have unrealistic reasons for engaging in such relationship. Some say it’s as a result of lack of sufficient accommodation, other say they choose to be close to each other for security reasons.
Some even say it’s due to emotional feelings. In essence, it is born out of the want for pleasure and excitement that could be occasioned by living together.
However, the resultant effects and benefits of such a relationship have shown that most of the students who engage in it are withdrawn from their study. Some carry over their courses, while many other female students have unwanted pregnancy. Such students are also observed to lack discipline, self esteem and receive low recognition from among their peers.
Regrettably, some of the girls who get pregnant and try to terminate the pregnancy die in the process.
Of course, it is needless saying that abortion is considered immoral by the two prominent religions in Nigeria, Islam and Christianity.
Students of higher institutions are, therefore, admonished not to engage in cohabiting, it does not pay and it does not necessarily lead to a lasting relationship or end in proper marriage.
Written by Bouro Hannah form Federal Polytechnic, Bida

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