The Good Friday celebration was carried out at St.Joseph the worker Chaplaincy, Awka; at about 3pm today. The stations of the cross was anchored by the Vicar 1 of the chaplaincy,  Rev. Fr Ezeokeke Anthony and was dramatised by the federation theatre group and the STECJECY group.
The  event started with Christ at the garden of Gestemane, where He was betrayed by Judas. The drama crew were at their best and made the event so real.

People cried as the heartless soldiers beat our African Jesus and threw him about, hitting him with every weapon they came across. He shed tears and had bruises all around and was bleeding from his light skined body.

This helped in calling to mind the pain and agony Our crucified Jesus suffered just for our sake, just to reconcile the world back to the father and we to our neighbours. The drama was a tragedy and was filled with sorrowful memories.

It finally came to an end few minutes past 5pm and was attended by a huge crowd comprising catholics and other friends of the catholic faith.

We pray that we draw all graces and blessings from participating actively during the passion and death of our crucified Christ.

Wish us all a sorrowful Good Friday celebration..Hope we tried fasting and abstaining from taking, if not..we can still do something for our crucified Jesus.

Photo credit: MEDIA 911 CREW

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  1. It was actually dramatised by the FEDERATION THEATRE GROUP ONLY thank you


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