Going round the school premises this morning, the whole environment still looked deserted as students , especially those who stil have exams to write, is finding it difficult to return from the short Easter break. The school bus drivers complained, as there was no one to carry from temp site to Engineering bus stand, and also in and around the school's premises.

Classrooms were so empty, even the great faculty of Engineering was without students, who are tagged the most serious students on campus (Engine Boys).

Lodges at Ifite were empty without students, as the roads were so free and without human traffic as usual, as we always experience at the school's gate during normal schooling days..

Going to temp site, the environment looked like no man land. An Okada man we approached said that, he has made just #200 since morning and that the day was not looking favourable at all .

In all, its our break and its our right to observe it, regardless of the adverse effect its having on the villagers and indigenes.. So stay back at home and ensure you get yourself prepared in every way you can. The second semester promises to be very short and if we are not careful,  will take us unawares.

The school resumes officially on Monday, 13th of April..Do ensure u are in school on or before that date because, you never can tell; The University wide quiz  might just be the welcome song.

Wish you all the best of the Easter break...Enjoy!!!

Courtesy: Unizik Mata Crew

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