UNIZIK: Sen. Dr. Chris Nwabueze Ngige Worshipped at St Joseph The workers Chaplaincy

As announced yesterday, Ngige kept to his word, he visited the students today, and worshipped at "Garba square" with the President of the Students' Union, His Excellency, Comrade Noble Eyisi. He stayed through out the mass and spoke to the students concerning some of his achievements.

There after, he made a donation in cheque of ONE MILLION NAIRA to expedite the completion of the on going NFCS Church building project

As we all know the students have been worshipping at the GARUBA SQUARE and have been clamoring to move to their permanent site.

Sen. Dr. Chris Nwabueze Ngige promised to do more if he eventually wins in the upcoming National elections

The President was truely gladened at the donation, because his sole sincere desire is to build a great university where students ll enjoy rare Privileges.

The chaplain, Revd Fr. Christian Umeojilinnaka thanked the President of the Union for he is really a rare gem. He appreciated the Senator for such a Noble gesture and for his kind heart and willingness to help the Church and the People.

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