Unending Cases of Indecent Dressing on Campus

One of the notable values of Africa is its rich cultural background, and as such, there is no time in our history that indecent dressing can be linked to our heritage.
The depth of this ungodly and morally-repugnant attitude is sunk deeply in tertiary institutions. Youngsters often think that indecent dressing is a fad of the age. Due to the bug of westernisation, many have gone haywire just to belong.
Indecent dressing has no link to religion, because modesty is preached in various divine statutes. Over exposure to foreign culture through various channels such as internet, videos, and music among other medium, contribute majorly to the spread of uncouth dressing.

However, there also exist some external factors ranging from poor parenting, peer pressure and other societal complexes capable of undermining morality. It is as well noteworthy that the kind of messages passed by those we tagged role models, are nothing to write home about. This greatly reflects in the home videos and movies that dominate the Nollywood scenes in Nigeria.
For instance, at the University of Ilorin, the management condemns such act of immorality. As indicated in the school motto, the university only award degrees to only those that are worthy in learning and character. Thus, discipline and modesty serve as the university’s watchword.
As it is generally presumed that forewarned is forearmed, the university authority, during the yuletide break, sent messages to every student, specifically to disseminate information to students as to the form of dress codes allowed while on campus.
In a similar vein, this was extended as part of the themes for orientation of fresh students of the university. Pamphlets were also distributed to students at the venue of the orientation programme.
The university believes that proper dressing is an act which is necessary to excel in one’s field, and needed in life after graduation. There is a fine and a form of warning to ignorant first-time offenders and more stringent disciplinary actions await those that occasionally violate the dressing ethics.
The way one dresses determines the way one is addressed. Dressing decently enables one to gain respect from lecturers, fellow students and even in the entire academic community. It is also a proactive measure that reduces prevalent societal problems such as sexual assault.
This development, despite the advantages, does not go down well with some students. “Dress code is just a way to restrict the freedom of students”, argued a student who claimed anonymity. However, for the greater good, there is existence of laws. Aggrieved students have no choice other than to comply with the university rules and regulations.
A university is designed to be an institution offering academic literacy and a platform for moral training. UNILORIN is known to train students in character and learning. Thus, only students proven to be successful in both aspects are awarded degrees. The university therefore sets record and model to other institutions of learning as to definition of graduates.
Some students clearly see nothing offensive in dressing indecently to displease their creator. Addressing the problem of indecent dressing on campus is a task for all.

Written by Aminat Afolabi (400-Level Chemistry student, UNILORIN

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