In the words of General George
Marshall, "It is not enough to fight. It is the spirit which we
bring to the fight that decides the issue. It is morale that wins the victory."
I must commend the resilience and doggedness we employed these few days in our struggle to maintain the transport fare within the school pegged at N20 per drop.
I was really motivated going through some of the comments about this issue at hand. Even those that trekked still believed in the struggle. Because I am committed to ensuring this sees the light of the day, I joined the trek from the Engineering Bus stand to the Giant House yesterday so that the union bus could be used to transport students to the Ifite bus stand.
I can categorically state that unionism is gradually returning to our beloved Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. The ALUTA consciousness is gradually creeping into our citadel of learning.
We were able to make a major breakthrough yesterday when we met with the drivers. If you noticed carefully yesterday, there were more shuttles, tricycles and buses doing their routine work.
We have removed the TTF and brought down the Charter the drivers pay from N1,500 to N500.
This government is committed to restoring the pride of Zikites and improving the welfare of the students. We are hopeful, God's willing, that normalcy would return to the transport sector after today.
I commend my executive members who have really been wonderful, the Director of Transport, Rotr. Comr. Igwah Francis and the indefatigable members of the DOT, members of the presidential cabinet who have shown undiluted support all these while to make the struggle a success. To all the students of this Noble institution, I must commend you for your patience and understanding these trying times, it was really worth it.
We intend touching other sectors once we are through with the transport sector.
Thank You once again and God bless.
Aluta Continua...
Comr. Noble Eyisi,
President, SUG, UNIZIK.

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