As the forthcoming election draws near, the All Progressives Congress in the South-South zone has accused the Peoples Democratic Party of planning to rig the elections in February using military might and violence.
The APC, according to its accusation, also said the PDP is desperate to win the election going by the continued application of violence against APC followers in Rivers State and other states in the South-South geo-political zone.
Responding swiftly to the accusation of the APC, the Cross River State Chairman of PDP, Mr. John Okon, has said that the party has no plans to deploy military in any election, adding that the APC should put structures on ground that could make them win the elections instead of resorting to propaganda.
According to a statement issued on Monday by the APC National Vice-Chairman, South-South, Mr. Hilliard Eta, the recent threat by ex-militants from the President Goodluck Jonathan’s home state of Bayelsa against opponents to his re-election bid should not have been taken lightly.
He said it was an indication that Jonathan had planned on ‘militarising’ the election with a view of cancelling it or rigging it at the slightest opportunity.
Eta said, “The recent deployment of soldiers to take possession of the Adokie Amasiemaka stadium in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, for Jonathan’s campaign at the behest of the Presidency against the wish of Rivers people was indicative of Jonathan’s disregard for due process, useful advice and agreements.
“Whenever the military are deployed in such capacity and orientation, it means a war situation is at hand. It shows the height of desperation that the PDP Presidency has introduced into the February election build up which may not end well.
“The Rivers violence and the use of military might, in the case of the Adokie Amasiemaka stadium, are indications that same brute force would be contemplated and applied during the election in order to manipulate it in favour of the PDP especially in the south-south states.
Eta recalled that Jonathan has a penchant for failing to keep agreements and promises explaining that “much as he failed to dredge the Calabar Port, implement the UNEP report on Ogoni, build roads and other infrastructure and of course pursue desperately a second term ambition against an earlier promise lends credence to our doubt for a free, fair and credible elections especially in the south-south states.”
Reacting also to the allegations, especially with regards to Cross River and one of the South-South states, Mr. John Okon, the state chairman of PDP, said the APC will always look for excuse to lose elections in the region because it is not firm on ground.

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