Yvonne Nelson And Her Lesbian Story

Like most actresses of her clout and professional rating, Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has had her fair share of the good and bad sides of stardom.
While the good side has blessed her with a large fan base, fame, fortune and a gateway filled with promises, the bad side of being popular has placed her on the receiving end of bitter criticisms, controversies and scandals, one of which has overtly questioned her s*xuality on more than a few occasions.
In an interview with the Ghanaian beauty, she shared vivid details of how the rumour mill about her s*xuality was set in motion and hit the nail on the head once and for all.
On how the speculation that she was a lesbian or at best, a bi-s*xual began, Yvonne Nelson said:
“look at me….what do you think? Of course, I am not a lesbian. Lesbianism is against my religious beliefs. It’s against my cultural norms and I think it was very mischievous for people to insinuate such about someone they hardly knew. The rumor was started by a notorious website in Ghana last year when they reported that they had never seen me with a man. In their warped and twisted calculation, I was thus a lesbian. Can you imagine such crass reasoning?
“That they had not seen me with a man, and may have seen me with my girlfriends going out to have fun, and then automatically I was a lesbian. It was a hatchet job – an attempt to discredit me, but they all failed. I am heteros*xual and would remain one till the end. When you are in the public light as I have been blessed and privileged to being, your life becomes a public property and some mischievous people will say all manner of things about you. It comes with the territory, so I forgive them.”

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