UNILAG 100L Students’ Guide for 2014/2015 Hall Allocation Exercise

The authorities of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) wishes to inform 100 level students that the hall allocation exercise will commence on Tuesday, December, 16.
Below is the procedure for the exercise:
1. Log on to
2. Input your Matriculation number (old students) or JAMB registration number (freshers) as your username followed by log in button to access the allocation portal.
3. Click on the update link to update your profile with a valid email address, phone number and passport photograph, if yours has not been uploaded.
4. Click on the Allocation Link followed by a Click on the button GET A SPACE NOW to apply (ballot) for bed space.
5. The system will notify you if your application was successful
6. Click on the print the allocation to print your allocation slip
7. Proceed to the bank contained on your allocation slip to make payment.
8. You will receive the confirmation and receipt number in the inbox of your e-mail acount.
9. Log on to, enter your confirmation and receipt number to print your Final Allocation Slip.
10. Proceed to the hall to take possession of the bed space.

1. The 2014/2015 accommodation exercise is strictly an online distribution and allocation of bed spaces exercise.
2. Students should note that there are limited bed spaces due to increase in the number of students.
3. Allocation of bed spaces will be on the basis of first come, first to be served.
4. All freshers shall be distributed into permanent HoR. Thereafter, they will ballot for bed spaces on the basis of the HoR.
5. Students with medical challenges (physically-challenged students inclusive) should register at the Medical Centre; otherwise their cases will not be treated by the Students Affairs Division.
6. No sale of scratch cards for accommodation. Students are advised to log on directly for allocation of bed spaces using matriculation number or JAMB registration number as the case is applicable.
7. Students should strictly abide to the time-table for allocation of bed spaces for each category.
8. Illegal sales or purchase of bed spaces attracts rustication for two (2) semesters; any student caught will be disciplined accordingly, so beware!!!
9. Students must pay their accommodation fee within 3-days after allocation of bed space, else the bed space stands forfeited.
10. Deriving from nine (9) above, another round of balloting will be carried out to give opportunity to students who did not succeed in the earlier ballot.
11. Complaints should be channeled through the online help desk for accommodation. All complaints shall be attended to promptly. Student and members of staff are NOT allowed to gather in or outside the Students Affairs Office.
12. Re-assignment of HoR based on choice will not be entertained; any students with such request will forfeit his/her allocation.
13. Under no circumstances should any bed space/room not officially assigned be occupied by any student.
14. Students penalised for any form of social and academic misconduct are not eligible for accommodation.
15. Biological form for staff child(ren) has been uploaded online, members of staff are expected to fill, print, endorse and submit at the Students’ Affairs Division (attach copy of birth certificate and last course registration form of 2013/2014 session). Other necessary information will be posted on this website and published in the Information Flash.
16. All students resident in the HoR shall be issued identification pass/cards, which must be produced on demand at any point in time.
17. All students are requested to avail themselves of information on accommodation through this Website, Lagmobile and Information Flash.
18. Allocation of bed spaces for the 100 level and the final year students is currently in progress. Other levels will commence in second week in January.

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