TWAS Research Grant Won By UNILAG Lecturers

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) has selected the projects of the two illustrious academics of the Department of Chemistry, University of Lagos (UNILAG) for its 2014 Research Grants Programme.
The academics and project titles are:
1. Professor O. B. Familoni: Synthesis of Some Sulphur Containing Heterocycles with Physiological Activities.
2. Dr. C. Isanbor: Towards the Design of New Anti-Parasitic Drug Candidates: Some Studies of the Reaction of Aromatic Nitro-Compunds with Anionic and Amino Nucleophiles.
The duo was selected, based purely on scientific merit, by the TWAS Advisory Committee after a highly competitive process which involved the evaluation of a very large number of applications.
The Vice-Chancellor congratulated Professor O. B. Familoni and Dr. C. Isanbor, on behalf of members of the University Community and wished them success in all their endeavours.

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