*Comrade Nwobu Clinton also emerged the worst performed official*

***The calculation of the votes was done based on the functions provided for the various offices****

The Office of the Secretary General of the Students' Union Government, SUG, of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka (UNIZIK) Sunday, emerged the best performed in the 2013/2014 Academic Session. In an opinion poll conducted and monitored by this page which was as at 9:40 P.M on Sunday 14th December 2014 viewed by 3,900 persons with 42 comments, Comrade Kelvin Onyebuchi the Union's Secretary General polled 50% of the votes while the union's president Comrade Ibe Chukwunonso Cico Michael followed closely with 45% of the votes. The Vice-President Comrade Agulefo Queen came a distant third with 3% of the votes while the Financial Secretary and Director of Socials gathered the remaining 2% of the votes.

However, The union's Public Relations Officer Comrade Nwobu Clinton emerged the worst performed official as majority of voters doubted if his office really existed during the period under review. 


* Majority of the students failed to participate in this year's poll because there is no tangible achievement made by the union's leadership or any of it's officials unlike the 2012/2013 academic session that Comrade Ezenwa Obiora (Then PRO) widely touched the lives of students by providing them with up to date information from within and outside the campus through the USN and defunct SUG blog. Many students unanimously endorsed Ezenwa as the best performed with about 270 comments and over 5000 views. The comments on this year's poll justified the fact that students decided not to participate because there is no tangible project on ground from the outgoing SUG. Though the secretary general initiated some ideas and programmes, the ill performance of other officials overwhelmed his efforts.

* The president comrade Ibe Cico Michael would have emerged the best if he finalised his policies on rent. Many students appreciated his idea of stepping in to end the abnormal increase in rents but that idea seemed to have died off and the president failed to address the students on the failure or success of the policy. This made majority of the students to see the policy as a white elephant project designed to earn cheap popularity.

* The SUG constitution vested too many functions on the president thereby making other officials to remain inactive throughout their regime. 


* The SUG constitution should be amended to provide all the offices with day to day functions. This will make the office of the president less occupied.

* The university authorities should speed-up the already planned merging of the SUG of all it's campuses in Awka, Nnewi and Agulu. This will provide the union with more responsibilities and make it's elections more competitive.

* If after all efforts are carried out and the union's leaders remain inactive, the SUG should be scrapped.


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