Then and Now of Nigerian Universities

Most of the universities in Nigeria are known for good legacies and records, especially the first generation universities. The lights of these legacies are however fading out as the outcomes from students are below expectations.
It is very rare to hear students nowadays making comparison between education of the past generation and that of now. Contrary to this, there is hardly a university lecturer who doesn’t relate these days’ education to that of their generation. This is very common when students perform below expectations or when there is a massive failure in exams.
The level of hard work, dedication and determination among students of the past generations was so glaring that it shows in their teaching abilities. During their days, they saw studying as their only reason for being in the university. A large percentage of their daily activities was dedicated to education owing to the fact that there was a high rate of competition and been left behind was tantamount to a total failure.
It is a known fact that in the last two decades, there was no internet accessibility for books to be consulted or for sourcing information about a wide range of topics or subjects. The reverse is the case nowadays as students have unfettered access to the internet unfortunately they have become relentlessly lazy and nonchalant in their academic pursuit. Most students possess sophisticated mobile phones and personal computers but which they mostly use for social activities rather than academic activities. This is no doubt the main contributor to the massive failure of students in their academics.
The libraries, too, are going into extinction because students only patronise them during examination periods. Text books no longer have relevance because students feel it’s a waste of money to buy them and in cases where the text books are being bought for them they show no concern as to keeping them safe.
In this regard, my call on fellow students is to sit up in their academic pursuit so that they can set good records after graduation.

Written by Sa’adu Sani Liman (400L Mass Comm. Dept. ABU, Zaria)

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