The Victims Of Bomb Attacks Seek FG Attention In Abuja

The victims of numerous bomb blasts around the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, on Monday protested supposed negligence by the Federal Government.
Among the cases that affected them are the dual bomb blast in Nyanya in April, and others in Suleja, Niger state, as well as Emab Plaza in Wuse Zone II, Abuja.
The protesters also claim leaving in a number of hospitalsand/or failure to offset the accrued bills in the course of their treatments.
The victims gathered at the Millennium Park fountain, place of the BringBackourGirls marches in an attempt to attract the largest attention possible.
Some of the activists were seen holding placards with different writing to indicate their dissatisfaction over what they described as Government negligence and incorrect actions.
One of the victims supposed that the officials are abusing their terrible conditions to score cheap political points.
According to him, politicians visit them at their hospital beds and make fantastic promises to them in the full glare of newsmen and cameras only to abandon their vows as soon as they are away from the cameras.
They called on President Goodluck Jonathan to recall the promises he made on their bedsides and attempt to stand by them and grant them relief.
It was said that the Federal Governments, or their representative, had during visits to the hospitals where the victims are kept had promised to take care of the bills and improve the losses they might have incurred in the process.
It would be recalled that two bombs exploded at a crowded bus station 8 km southwest of central Abuja, Nigeria, killing at least 88 people and injuring at least 200 on April 14. Boko Haram insurgents claimed responsibility for the bombing six days after it occurred.

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