“The way you think is the way you are”

This is a popular saying amongst the crowd but the magnitude of its usage has even given rise to more motivational speech from various speakers. This life has no objective definition. The world which covers life is just a concept with you and I as the foundation. Due to the void nature of facts pertaining to life as regards the truth, religion came up long time ago as panacea to neutralize our dying innate curiosity, giving us all a sense of direction.
But in as much as we adhere to our faith, there are many who are under the bedevilment of bias thought. The thought of inferiority complex or the thought of an excuse to perpetuate crime. Imagination creates percepts and our percepts become strong based on our experiences. Our percepts about life create our mentality which then displays itself in our actions. Have you ever wondered why happiness is priceless?  Why some rich cry and poor smile? Although it being rare, it happens. Under the same cloud, people think in diverse ways. Imagine a world of uniform thinking, how it will look like.
Confidence arises from nothing more but thought. I am somebody, I am nobody balls down to thought. This world is like a mirage or think it like a boomerang if able to be thrown, for what you say you are, then you are.
There are various events yet humans tend to see it differently. We see things as we are and not as they are. Our brain interprets what is being seen by the eye. Our thoughts comes from our brain, so if you have a pessimistic brain, sorry for you. A man goes into a remote village and nags at every foot step he makes due to his accustomed luxurious life, his brother goes into that same village and captures an opportunity to invest in that poor stricken environment.
Although I recognize times when we feel emotionally drained due to some setbacks we witnessed at certain times in our lives, how about those with an extremist view of low self-esteem portrayed in their actions. We all have our various percepts about life but they are just constructions built over time based on our experience and not an instruction guild on how to live. Looking at something from a different vintage point makes things look different. As our thoughts changes, so those what we see. This world is not worth leaving to some, to others, it’s a place wished for everlasting existence, to you the reader, only God knows.
Many at times, something look so glaring that it seem true and we wrongly conclude by inviting such bias thoughts. Just because we think something to be true those not make it so. Think this world as a mirror, whatever you present yourself as, it shows you your reflection whether good or bad. Angels will never fall from the sky yet some others think their fellow humans to be angels based on what they portray themselves as.
Religion at the other hand, through its doctrines has created an expectant mood in conditioning our lives to live according to its teachings with the reward of eternal life. This is the bedrock of martyrdom. There are others who believe not in eternal life but in the pleasures this world has to offer based on the meaning they have conferred to life. These are the Hedonist.  Imagine a life with no worries of eternal life, exploring all the pleasures on the world with no hindrance. Live today for we shall die tomorrow. Then we have those who are on the fence, they live confused live styles.
On the day of our conception, we were all empty vessels but our journey through made evident in our physical and mental growth, gave us a niche in this idealistic world. We conceived our views and thoughts in terms of life based on experiences, indoctrination or even scholarly learning. Our actions begotten from our thoughts created the complexities we have gotten compared to when we were newly born.
Most times, we appraise the external factor leaving the internal factor in us ruined on the altar of reality. The internal factor in us serves as an engine which could bring joy or rain anguish in others. The massacre of Jewish people in Germany by late Adolf Hitler was based on a bias thought. The book haram menace which we all are witnessing is another example and many radical thinkers and extremist.
The thoughts and ideas of humans are being attacked by fellows and that’s what makes education a messiah to serve as an anecdote curing the villainy of ignorance. Our colonial masters’ ability in penetrating into our land was due to our fore father’s ignorance. But when some nationalist of literate status came on board, independence was the conceived idea. It was due to change in thought this happened. This world has been painted with some many ideas of thought, each in its own way, trying to give us a sense of direction. This analogy given above portrays what we say of ourselves as humans, either belittling ourselves or extolling our act by at least showing pride of who we are. Reality is a matter of perspective and thoughts create our perspective.
When people are of the strong opinion that Nigeria should be divided, that our amalgamation was a mistake and that our diverse ethnicities has created a perpetual strife barricading unity forever. Then I humbly suggest they do me a favour and read the article again.

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