It's quite evident that we are human beings not because we have SEX [whether in terms of gender or coitus], but because we have SENSE. A statement has it that albeit speed thrills, it as well kills hence the need for a driver to drive with care in order to be safe. Yes, honestly, having premarital coitus is a pleasure but the pressure is greater. The great measure of the pressure can weigh down the pleasure. The pleasure (to some) may be indelible, but the pressure can be incredible.

For my money, I prefer a girl remembering me for not deflowering her than remembering me [maybe when she has married] for deflowering her---hence I try my best to impart every girl who comes my way with something positive with which she can still be remembering me. I love seeing a lass who is physiognomically pulchritudinous but the cynosure that piques my interest in her is her contents psychically, morally, spiritually, mentally, educationally, emotionally, inter alia. A girl posing nude in my sight can make my phallus to be erect, but I will be the one to control my psyche ---anything that controls the psyche can easily rein the physique. What makes identical twins to be unique is not their physiques but their psyches---what each is internally made of. Great people [legends & phenoms] are not recognized by what they put on but by what they have done ---their phenomenal achievements in life, because wears will one day become rags & be replaced but my talent that is no more latent remains permanent & can make me to be excellent! No wonder it is said that great people don't just dress in gold, rather they are made of gold [but don't bother scratching them to make certain *hahahahahahahahahahahaha*].

Not that I hate sex, I love sex, I love it even more than everyone does but FOR NOW I'M STILL UNMARRIED, I ONLY TRY MY BEST TO AVOID IT, hoping that one day I will marry & have it as I desire. What helps me so much in avoiding some sins that pose challenges to juvenescent people is my SCRUPLES towards doing wrong. I don't train myself to be strong in doing wrong, rather I train myself to be strong so as to make it to the highest rung of my career ladder---WHAT OF YOU? There is what I termed PSc., it's of two forms: [Personal Self-control & Personal Self-confidence], I have acquired both of them before pursuing my BSc. [Bachelor of Science]. PSc. are the first certificates that every achievers of success needs in life.
"It's better for you not to be FAMOUS than for you to be INFAMOUS: do the RIGHT things & do them ARIGHT!" NDJP

Authored by NDJP


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