Every individual has been equipped with a talent or gift and these gifts have been given to us to serve others.
To Discover Your Great Ideas, the following question must come to play:
  • Does this idea create or solve a problem?
  • What specific problem(s) does the idea solve?
  • What possible problems can this idea create?
  • Whose specific problem does this idea solve?
  • Does this problem cause small, medium or significant pain?
  • What kind(s) of significant pain does this problem cause?
  • Why do I really want to pursue this idea? Or provide this solution?
The next thing to do is to VALIDATE the idea, simply ask question by following the acronyms HAPPY HIPPO
  • H……….. is this idea in line with your Heart’s
  • A………… will this idea be complemented by natural Abilities or gift.
  • P………… does this idea goes with your Personality?
  • P………… is it in line with your Passion?
  • Y…………. looking back at your Yesterday, have people been unconsciously asking for help in these areas?
  • H……….. Will this concept and idea bring you honour?
  • I……….. will it Improve humanity, add value to people’s lives
  • p………. are you Proud of this idea?
  • P………. does this idea give you Power or control over a field or sector you love?
  • O………. does it give you a sense of Ownership?
Now, the ultimate question is, does this idea consume you?
Is it so tangible and overwhelming that you can taste, touch, feel and live it?
Pondered over this idea, how many dreams and sleepless nights have you had because of this idea?
Give yourself six months to meditate and ponder over this idea and within this time write down the idea, try and articulate in less than 10 words and then compress it further into less than 5 words and then finally see if you can sum up this idea in one word.
The only way to then nurture this idea and keep it inflamed in your mind is to continuously feed it. Remember what they say, use it or lose it. You have the power within you to be successful in life. Be very critical of it and run it by the most critical minds. Do not be discouraged by some of the more surgical criticisms your idea may attract, let it strengthen your determination and propel you towards perfection, which should take you back to the drawing board.
After all this, the question is, how far are you willing to go to realize this idea and run with it? Can you be like Bill gate, pastor SAM ADEYEMI ( like we all know pastor Sam Adeyemi , that he is a great motivational speaker, he started from somewhere. Give everything else up in this pursuit as they both did.
As you commit daily to doing this; the idea will naturally infuse passion, and energy into you, it will generate a force field that attracts your enablers, activators, igniters, and promoters and create a momentum that propels you towards opportunities, which will ultimately produce your desires.
As Alex Osborn said, “a fair idea to use is much better than a great kept on the polishing wheel. Plunge boldly into the arena of ideas, and you just might come out a winner.”
“There is a bulb out there waiting to be ignited by your great idea, go find it, discover your God’s given potential through prayer. Be one of those who make history and not one of the many who watch others make history.”

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