(1) "God won't have COMPASSION on you if you don't have an ounce of
COMPUNCTION in you for sins you've committed." NDJP

(2) "Those who serve God with true FERVOURS deserve God's unending

(3) "Don't be tepid, don't be timid, don't be sordid, don't be morbid,
don't be frigid, don't be flaccid, but, rather be rightly rigid & be
placid when it comes to unleashing your potentials if & only if you
really need to succeed." NDJP

(4) "There's the word "ACT" in the word "FACT", hence, there would be
no FACT without an ACT, & there is an ACT behind every FACT, [F-ACT=>
Feasible-ACT]. " NDJP

(5) "Wherever there's God's presence, there exists no pretence, there
exists good influence, there shall there be every positive difference,
& there exists facts with true evidence." NDJP

(6) "For God to better your life's STORY, for God to accept your
GLORY, then you need to be HOLY!" NDJP

(7) "Albeit it may be long, but if to God you truly belong, & if &
only if you don't always long to be wrong, then your life's story
won't be wrong!"

(8) "Be a buddy who's good to anybody who's good!" NDJP

Don't just be inspired, but be challenged with those people/things
that have inspired you. Before I began my article-writing &
quote-making forté, I was not just inspired to do so, but I was
challenged to do so.

Written by: Nonso Asiegbu

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