What we need right now is the support of our students. In Igbo land we call it Igwebuike. We cant see the reason why our school fees is affordable and our house rent is like a person in private university.. The union came together for the love of zikites. All we need is SOLIDARITY among we the students to the union.

Our major concern is sabotage when this struggle will start to manifest results so we need unionism back in the system.

A landlord will wake up one day and increase his house rent without having recourse to the Tenancy Law of the state. Every 6-12months they increase the house rent.

Information getting to us is that the landlords are not the one doing this but the caretakers, just like a case am handling now base on one lodge called ISRAEL LODGE where there is serious impersonation of a lawyer.

Our lovely father and Vice Chancellor want to build a new citadel of learning and in our own part we will help him achieve that. When the union say you should not pay, you dare not pay because this is a great struggle for tomorrow.

Lagos State University (LASU) SUG achieved it and why can't we too? Without solidarity we cannot achieve this, this move is not about the President Ibe Chukwunonso Cico Michael, Speaker Okigbo or Justice Muoneme. It is about students of Unizik who have been exploited by hostel owners through their hostel managers.

I don't want to talk about the new lodge that was billed at 160,000 & 170,000, I believe when we reach the bridge we know how to cross it. If this will entail the union writing a letter to Mr President we are ready, if it entails writing to the Governor we are ready, if it entails writing to the Nigeria Labour Congress President we are ready. For once let sanity reign in the system.

I urge all hostel President to identify with the union through Ifite Hostel President Forum (IPF).

We love you all like our Vice Chancellor do.

We believe that with your solidarity forever, the union will always make us strong. This is federal government university and not a private university.

For the love of Giant Zikites Aluta Continua...

Thank you and remain blessed.

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