OAU: Alleged Student Ebola Patient Cause Stampede

There was stampede at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife today after it was alleged that a female student admitted at the OAU Health Center was suspected to have Ebola Virus Disease.

The patient, who was admitted yesterday with ebola like symptoms, prompted the health officials to start disinfecting the surroundings of the medical center.

Though, medical officials in the hospital denied that the suspected student tested positive to EVD, they said the Federal Government Emergency Ebola Team has been contacted and an intensive examination by the EVD team from Lagos on the patient is slated for Wednesday.

On the cause of the panic, a health official claimed that the suspected student who had a fever told them that she came from Port Harcourt where Ebola cases had recently been reported
The officials at the hospital said that the disinfection of the hospital environment is for preventive measures only.

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