I had past issues with self-confidence and it really ate deep into me. I worked hard towards winning the battle and with the help of books,encounters and friends,I succeeded. Now along the line,I realized that a few things which we may term "unimportant" really helped me to boost my self-confidence in an exceptional way. Now or then,a few stuffs that will put me off balance surely comes but I've learnt and I'm learning on how best to control it. Part of my strong points is my motto,"Grace for the race".

So here is a list of the five "unimportant" things that also helped me boost my self-confidence.

1. Fake a British or American accent when you enter a bank,hotel,shopping malls,any customer service shop or to cut it short,any place that has an air conditioning system. Make sure you raise your voice up a notch and use these words more often,"please,thank you,pardon(several times), and to crown it all,"Have a nice day". Your brain will make you feel like this very important personality and provided your shoe or sandals is well polished,you are guaranteed of your "Sir". Lest I forget,flash your key in their faces so they'll think you have a car. You have some nice keys?

2. Well starched and correctly ironed shirt.
When I stand at the bus park or bus stop in the morning waiting to get to school,there's this aura of authority and self-confidence that flows...especially on mondays(because that's the day I wear my special digital white shirt). Yours may not be white but make sure you starch and iron your shirts with your own hand,there's a pride that goes with,"Yea I did it myself...what's up laundry men?". If you can't iron all,just pick a few and send the rest to the laundry man. Thank MBN!

3. Smell good. Smell good. Smell good. A lot of people's frustrations on this earth is because they have bad breath or body odour. Have you tried entering a public transport around 3.00pm and they park you like sardine tins 4 by 4 each row? That's what I'm talking about and that's why people always complain in that bus. Some air freshers abi refresher will certainly multi-task if you don't have money for cologne.

4. When you're in the midst of 4 or 5 hot beautiful ladies who can't speak good English and are always smiling sheepishly,fake a call. In that call,be very aggressive at God knows who and threaten hale and brimstone. But before you do that,make sure your phone is on silent to avoid being the fool yourself. And after that,tell them a very long and boring story filled with how special and important you are.

5. Finally, to win the war against low self-esteem and be more self-confident,send an MTN recharge card of any denomination to 0800-IAMAJOKER.

Till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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