[Must Read] Ebola: What you should know about this Disease

Ebola is a killer disease that is transmitted through body secretions such as tears, urine, blood and sexual intercourse with an infected person. It is named after the Ebola River, in Democratic Republic of Congo where the first outbreaks occurred in 1976.
This disease kills 90% of its victims after putting its victims through lots of pain and there is no known absolute cure at the moment. The Ebola virus can reproduce in 8 hours and when it does, millions of new viruses come out. An infected person can die within 3 to 30 days.
The period between infection with the Ebola virus and the start of symptom is called Ebola incubation period, which can be as short as 2 days or as long as 21 days. It only stops reproducing when it has no more hosts to feed on.

Infected persons will experience fever, sore throat, headaches, weakness, joint muscle pain, chest pain and bleeding from skin. In pregnant women, abortion and heavy vaginal bleeding are also common symptoms. Bleeding from the nose, ears, mouth, anus and vagina also occurs.
Death usually occurs during the second week of Ebola symptoms’ like massive vomiting and diarrhea with skin lesions.

Everybody are encouraged to have a personal hand sanitizer and use it as frequent as possible. Do not buy or eat any fruit directly without first washing it.
You are advised to stay away from eating any meat that you do not know its source particularly ‘suya’ and bush meat. Also try to avoid unnecessary hand shaking for now or immediately after, use your sanitizer. Watch out for warning signs which mimics malaria symptoms.
If you feel/notice any of the symptoms in people/person around you/yourself, quickly report/alert any hospital/health institution around you with the exact symptoms you’ve been experiencing and how long. Don’t hide the disease because early detection increases chances of survival and reduces outbreak danger.

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