Last week we posted the first of this health series,this is a continuation.Enjoy your reading and do well to practise them.  

 HEALTH TIP NO 6: 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep is your daily dosage for a healthy living/longevity. When you eat/drink at nights above RDA for the night, it makes you wake up to urinate thereby interrupting your 6hours stretch. This affects your health. I know you may not know this & arguments are bound to be raised. Let me shock you the more, you need a weekly rest (one full day of stress free, relaxation of all your members). 
      Eating at night above your required intake & taking alcoholic beverages in excess with much red meat (cholesterol) is the major cause of POT-belly predominant among MEN and has been reported to be the major cause of colon cancer amongst men today (The place of genetics is acknowledged though). Health is your greatest wealth; 3 John 1: 2 is God's desire for us all so enjoy your wealth in health NOT losing one to gain one OR vice versa.

   HEALTH TIP NO 7: Plastic containers have become a can-do-without these days especially in TROPICAL AFRICAN continent. It’s been shown to be one of the major causes of breast cancer amongst women. Bisphenol A which is a product of this plastics & cellophane bags is alarming. Refrigerated plastic cans weaken as they stiffen (harden) with time. The ones kept inside the car for a long time is heated up by the sun & melts into the water we drink. Our large plastic TANKS are often our source of daily water usage including drinking. Help me add other exposure sources to US that make this risk greater by day. Thanks for contributing in this discourse!!!

   HEALTH TIP NO 8: Water therapy; who waits until the water in his car radiator dries up before topping up water. Who waits until the radiator indicator light shows at the dash board before adding water? Why then do we wait until we feel thirsty (body red light indicator) before drinking water? Water makes about 65-75% body mass so drink water regularly from once you wake up till evening.

   CAUTION: Don’t drink lots of water at night because it disrupts your 6hours supposed uninterrupted rest at night. Other negative effects not mentioned here. Don’t drink water while eating as it neutralizes the acidic milieu of the stomach thereby hindering activation of protein digestive enzymes (pepsinogen, etc) that requires this acidic environ to function. 30minutes before and after eating is safer but the standard time is about 2hours. Tea cup size water may be used if in dire need of water while eating (Ji ahuru na oku; if you can’t swallow it gently like a gentleman). It’s a choice you make now or leave it but just know it’s a healthy eating habit you MUST imbibe for longevity and health.
Source acknowledged.

  HEALTH TIP NO 9: Essential oil (important sterols & lipids) for cell membrane synthesis is lost by frying. Reduce or stop frying to retain or enhance your normal and healthy body fats requirements. Your blood vessels may become so stiffened like a water pipe under the sun and rain too. Frying and too much consumption of the wrong oil (transfats) cause vascular resistance and elasticity lost or reduction and consequently HBP and other artherocardiovascular diseases. Any oil that hardens while standing is not very healthy for consumption. I hope you heed daily or keep reducing your cells vibrancy daily. The choice is ours. May God help us to heed to a wise counsel always!

  HEALTH TIP NO 10: How careful are you with your hands (fingers) that navigate all the orifices of your body; anus, nostril, ear, eyes, etc? The same hand with which you shake people, sneeze, touch money which goes from pit to palace, carry corpse by some, dig or exhume pit toilet contents, remove feaces, clear gutters to mention but a few. You rinse it to eat because you are in a hurry but wash thoroughly with soap after eating. What a 'wonderFOOLISH' way to keep healthy (we practice) yet we claim or ask why we always fall sick. If we know that our fingers navigate all our body's gateways then we must be careful where the fingers go. Watch people from today to see where these hands go, so even when we are careful, are they? Please answer me as I await your response!

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