HEALTH TIP NO 1: When was the last time you used yeast, Vitamin A (supplement), ate freshly plucked fruits & vegetables (not later than 30minutes from harvesting). Have you been using eyes glasses frequently (unmedicated), how often do you get close to your PCs, TV set, read with dim light or under the sun? etc. The very bright light may be damaging to your retina as well. If you are guilty of all these, then prepare to be advised (RECOMMENDED) by an oculist for an eye glass & the longer you do these things or abstain from the others, the thicker your eye glasses from thin lense to thick one till death do you part. Be careful for once!!!

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HEALTH TIP NO 2: Who said adults above 60 should not eat eggs? Evidence has shown adults even youths are lacking Vitamin H (Biotin) sourced majorly from egg yolk. It’s safer to eat egg yolk preferably of local fowls to ensure healthy life style. If you must buy these hormone (feed fertilized) egg, then chose from the very small ones to reduce cholesterol intake. Consume egg often; Balanced diet is eating all the classes of food in ADEQUATE amount & in right PROPORTION. To God is the glory!

HEALTH TIP NO 3: Whenever you are about to sleep, remove all electromagnetic radiative instruments as your body is open more than ever to receive such radiations. Off your radio near you, television, keep your phone very far away if it must be on. How long have you used your microwave (discard if more than 3 years), etc. You know the rest. Is NETWORK mast near your home (of course only for Nigerians who think its money making venture from these network distributors). May God save us from this radiation that can provoke our proto-oncogenes to oncogenes. CANCER rate is increasing in our dear race. Be warned!!!

HEALTH TIP NO 4: What is your source of vitamins especially the heat labile ones? When was the last time you ate a fruit freshly plucked from the source (plant). Do you even know vitamin C is lost in refrigerated foods? How much have you cared about these nutrients that are lost after 30minutes of harvest? Yet you wish to be healthy. From January till date of reading this article, have you taken 12 different kinds of fruits (Rev 22: 1-2) not to mention how fresh they are? These sun-beaten fruits that has been there for ages, how much nutrient(s) do they still have. What about the ones ripened by carbide, hot water, etc? Think and re-THINK about your health. We are there for you if you are confused or challenged health-wise knowing GOOD NUTRITION IS PREVENTIVE MEDICINE (Ezek 47: 12)

HEALTH TIP NO 5: Greater percentage of women has infection (abnormal growth of normal flora) due to low immunity resulting from poor nutrition; the reason for high antiseptic soaps etc. Poor ventilation of residents (rooms) or use of tight fitting underwears broods microorganism (haven for microbes), acidic pH from stale and stored fruits especially the ones harvested before they ripe & stored equally increases acidic pH of the body. All these allow normal flora to become pathogenic hence reflects as infection due to their open body system. Do you know the power of anti oxidants and phytonutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables? It can boast your immune system in days. Proven by research & so why allow infection when God created our body to heal itself & protect itself naturally if your nutrition is balanced even in poverty. We can assist you anytime!

      To be continued..................

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