'tis better to listen to a sage's cry than to a fool's mirth, because
what makes a sage to cry would shatter into shreds the mirth of a

Listen to me! We're not atheists,
We are not just pantheists,
We're true theists.

Yes, we're optimists!
We're never terrorists!
We're positively biased activists!
We're never extremists!

Yes! we are apiece philanthropists!
With God, there's still hope, we're never defeatists!
We ought not endeavour to be pessimists!
We refuse to be cultists!
We must not be racists!

Listen! This is not time to be critics!
This ain't time to see those in power as cynics!

In time like this, we need sagacity,
As well as veracity
To wipe away every calamity
Befalling our community!

We deserve a nation
That is in a good & habitable condition.

Let's work concertedly to make Nigeria
A human habitable area!

No matter what, we should muster courage to shatter every matter that
makes our nation to scatter: there's "OURS" in the word "YOURS"; good
STRATEGY accounts for the ENERGY of every SYNERGY!

The HISTORY behind every MISERY is controlled by a MYSTERY of which
only the Omniscient God can paranormally grant us insight to fathom
such a MYSTERY behind the MISERY & its HISTORY!

Still NDJP

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