In An Exclusive interview with Unizik mata,the Manager of one of the latest Eateries in Awka and the first Upscale Restaurant in Ifite reveals the reason behind the name "Destiny Pots"He also talks about their various services.

        UNIZIK MATA:Can we meet you Sir?
        MANAGER:I am Mr.Churchill Van Mowete,a graduate of Accounting from Ambrose Alli University,Ekpoma.I am from Delta state.

       UNIZIK MATA:Can you tell us a little about your eatery?

       MANAGER:Yea,thank you very much.The name of this eatery is Destiny Pots,and we are committed to providing very sumptuous meals and excellent services to all our customers who are mostly students and lecturers.My boss decided to set up this place in order to provide a place for the students to relax at their doorsteps,thereby saving the students time and avoidable risks of having to go so far especially at night.

       UNIZIK MATA:Why did you choose the name "Destiny Pots",many students we have spoken too,don't seem to be comfortable with that name,they feel that by coming to your eatery they are putting their destinies in your pot?

        MANAGER: {chuckles},The name Destiny Pots came from the personal experience of my boss while growing up.My boss is a native of Neni,the son of a prince who came from a polygamous home,his father's desire to see him educated made his father to send him to live with a teacher who happened to be a friend of his father,the man happened to be single and that was where my boss started cooking and developed his culinary skills.

            Until the war broke out,he was conscripted into the Biafran army but was too young to carry a gun.He was rather posted to serve as a cook in one of the biafran barracks.So my boss had always been a cook until he got a job in the civil service.So you see,since my boss is due for retirement soon,he looked at how far he had gone in life and decided that he would want to go back to something he had so much passion for which is cooking,a chore he started at a very tender age which later turned into a profession.Thats the reason he named it destiny pots,we don't cook peoples destiny at destiny's pots,          
     if we where to be doing that we wouldn't be exposing our secrets?

      UNIZIK MATA:OK sir,thank you so much for that wonderful insight.So can you tell us how long you have been into the hospitality business?

      MANAGER:I have always been associated with excellence.Immediately after I graduated from school I worked in a couple of places as a chef,before I got a job at Sheraton hotels and Towers.I was a Cheif chef there for three years before coming down here to manage Destiny Pots.So you see I Wouldn't have left such a wonderful job for anything below that standard.

      UNIZIK MATA:Can you tell us some of the services you offer here?

      MANAGER:We are open from Monday to Sunday from 8am till 10pm.We offer some services such as outdoor catering for Weddings,Graduation,Birthdays,Matriculation.Anniversaries,Inductions and Dinners.

       UNIZIK MATA:Can you tell us what stands uou out from other upscale restaurants?

       MANAGER:Our services are very good,our environment is very neat.We have very comfortable setting for you to relax,if you look around you will see what we have got here.We have a mini hall for your birthdays we give that out for free if you buy your cakes and your drinks from us,we have the V.I.P lounge.We also serve continental dishes downstairs and africana dishes upstairs.You will need to have a taste of our destiny roll and chicken pie to understand  better what I am talking about.We have the "love corner" a place where couples who want some privacy to talk and unwind without any distractions.
vip lounge
inside the vip lounge

        UNIZIK MATA:How much does it cost to have your birthday celebrated here?

        MANAGER:Its free,provided you buy your cake and drinks from us and the celebrants and his/her guests act responsibly,we understand that we are in a predominantly students environment so we make our services attractive to the people we came to serve.
mini hall for events

        UNIZIK MATA:How much is your plate of food,many students think your prices are exorbitant?

         MANAGER:OH!Its very cheap.Our plate of rice and chicken is about N850,a plate of rice with beef is N450.While our plate of Africana i.e local dishes goes for about N600.We also have ice cream,bread,sea food,Chinese rice,youghurt and even your champagne is sold here.We ensure we use only high quality products to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.Our prices are very affordable because we save you the time and transport fare of having to go so far.

         UNIZIK MATA:Do you have any special discounts for departments or faculties that might be needing you services?
         MANAGER:Yes.we do have special discount packages for departments,faculties and other organizations that might be needing our services.My boss loves students a lot,so we ensure that we make things very affordable for the people we came to serve. For instance,the Law Faculty had there event here and it was a huge success.I gave them our premises for free they only had to pay for their food and drinks.

         UNIZIK MATA:Ok sir,that will be all for now,thank you for your patience.

         MANAGER:YOU WELCOME,Its my pleasure.


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