Bearing in mind the anxiety among students and prospective students alike about the date of the 2014 PUME,Change of course and Direct entry students,Unizik mata talks to the Acting D.V.C{Academic} of our great institution {UNIZIK}.Read the excerpts of the interview below

     UNIZIK MATA:Good afternoon Prof.,Can we meet you sir?

     D.V.C{ACADEMIC}:My name is Prof.Charles Okechukwu Esimone,the Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor(Academic) of Nnamdi Azikiwe University,Awka.Am a Pharmacist by profession.

     UNIZIK MATA:How does it feel like being on this on hot seat?

     PROF.CHARLES:Well its been good on one hand,and on the other hand its been quite challenging but i rely on the sufficient Grace of God to take me through.

     UNIZIK MATA:Alright Sir,There has been alot of rumours making the rounds about this year's PUME date and sales of forms,What do you have to say sir?

     PROF.CHARLES:Categorically i would want to say that,we haven't started the sale of the PUME forms,we hope to start very soon and therefore we urge our students to be patient and careful.We have information that some people have started posting fake news online to deceive people that UNIZIK has started selling its PUME forms,I am using this medium to warn them to disregard such information because it is not from us.Once we start we are going to announce it on our official website and other appropriate media channels.

     UNIZIK MATA:Do you have any date in mind yet sir?

     PROF.CHARLES:No we don't have any date in mind yet,but very soon we shall.The commitee is yet to meet to decide on that.The forms might be out by the first week of august.

     UNIZIK MATA:OK SIR,What is going to be the cut off mark for UNIZIK,since JAMB released its own cut off mark to be 180?

     PROF.CHARLES:Its likely to be the same thing.But certainly it cant be below the official jamb cut off mark.We are yet to meet to decide on that,but its likely going to be 180.

    UNIZIK MATA:Sir many people especially prospective students and parents have been swindled severally by people who claim to upgrade pume score and even give admission.What do you have to say about this?

    PROF.CHARLES:Well its quite unfortunate that people patronise such imposters.It is a practice we have heard about and we completely condemn it because it is illegal and criminal.Any parent who indulges in that is not laying a very good example for the child,coming to the university shouldn't be a do or die affair.It should be based on merit and some degree of competence.Its very impossible to upgrade your score,and so we advise our students and parents not to fall prey.Does who have made that mistake in the past can tell you better?It has never worked and would never.Students should process anything concerning their admission through the official website of the school and not through third parties.We have also put things in place to see how we can arrest the criminals who do this.

    UNIZIK MATA:Alright sir,What are the processes and requirements for students who would want to change their courses to some professional courses,like MEDICINE,LAW,PHARMACY ETC?

    PROF.CHARLES:The first thing for such a student is that the student must have been admitted and cleared in a particular department.Secondly,different departments have their own minimum requirements.For instance,in Pharmacy where i was the dean before i came here,we consider students with a CPGA OF 4.0 and not 3.5 like most of them think.
Also students who want to change from any other department to our department must have registered and passed all the core courses students in first year pharmacy offer.Thats not very easy though,and that means you can only offer these courses during you second year,though some students who are very daring usually offer some of these courses in their first year.In the last faculty board meeting we had we agreed that students who must be changing to our department must not have any carry overs,since our own students who we admitted in first year are not allowed to come over to Agulu if they have carry overs.I think the same thing is applicable to medicine and health sciences.Am not too sure about law,but  students who want to know more can verify from the law faculty.

     The procedure changes from session to session.Students are here to learn so they should endeavor to get the right information from the right source and not from their course mates.They should go straight to their H.O.D,Faculty officer or the Dean of the faculty who are the appropriate authorities to give accurate  information. about those processes to them.Students should stop relying on information from people who are not authorities.

   UNIZIK MATA:Sir are you saying that a student from the biological sciences for instance who makes the requirement will be allowed to change?

   PROF.CHARLES:Once he makes a CGPA OF 4.0 he would be allowed to change.

   UNIZIK MATA:Is there any financial commitment to these sir?

   PROF.CHARLES:Yes the financial commitment comes after they have been accepted into the department and faculty they are changing into.Then the H.O.D and Dean must have accepted the student,then they forward this to the Registrar who in turn forwards this to the D.V.C(Academic) and then the Vice chancellor gives his approval.Then the student will be communicated to,to pay the transfer fee of N100,000 naira to the University account and not to the faculty.The Bursar will direct the student on how to pay that.The only payment you make before been the whole process is the N5,000 NAIRA,which you pay in the bank for the transfer form.The CGPA must be authenticated also.

   UNIZIK MATA:When will the change of course form be on sale Sir?

   PROF.CHARLES:Its already on sale in all the banks in school,since we are already in second semester.

   UNIZIK MATA:When will the Direct entry form be on sale and what are the procedures?

   PROF.CHARLES:Direct entry is processed through jamb.The same way UTME is processed.The only difference is that JAMB sends the completed forms to us and we commence the Direct entry exams usually after the PUME exams.Once the student buys the form and processess it before the JAMB deadline,his application will be sent to the university by jamb except it was processed after the official deadline.
It is after this that we now process and commence the sale of screening exam forms.We have a little modification for students who are running our diploma program we don't subject them to the screening test.We give the admission based on their CGPA,because they are our students and we know their quality.We have waived the screening exam for them,the only thing they have to do is to purchase the JAMB Direct entry form in order for them to be recognised by JAMB as a student.

   UNIZIK MATA:Are you assuring the diploma students who are taking their final exams soon to be rest assured?

   PROF.CHARLES:They can be rest assured.The V.C is working very hard to make sure that they get the very best,as you can see we are just coming from a meeting now.We have put a couple of things in place,and we are promising them that as soon as their results have been released and they meet up with the requirements they would be offered admission.They would be considered provided they have purchased the JAMB D.E Form.THE only problem is if they haven't purchased the forms.Also we have sent signals to their various departments to ensure that the results are released on time.

   UNIZIK MATA:So when should we be expecting the departmental cut off marks?
   PROF.CHARLES:Usually the cut off marks will be out after the PUME Exams.We were supposed to conduct the exams at the end of JULY but since we are yet to meet,we shall conduct the exams probably first week of August though we are yet to decide on that.After that we are now going to decide what the cut off marks will be based on the performance of the students in this year's PUME and the admissible number of students we are to admit in each department.

   UNIZIK MATA:Is there any message you might want to pass across to the university community?

   PROF.CHARLES:Yes i would want our students to know that the university is a place where you come to get knowledge,we shouldn't be desperate to buy it.Exam malpractice doesn't inculcate knowlege.We should strive for excellence.I would also want the parents to encourage their wards to be studious.We are pleading with our students not to indulge themselves in any form of malpractice.

   We want our graduates to be excellent men and women who will contribute meaningfully to the development of our society.This can only be achieved when our students and parents alike start getting disinterested in corrupt practices.A certificate without the requisite knowledge is useless.This administration is trying to make sure that our students are the best.We can only achieve this if the students cooperate with us by doing the needful.We are very happy that the students are calm and our school is known as one of the universities that has zero tolerance for cultism.

    UNIZIK MATA:SIR are you saying the students should expect the very best from this administration?

    PROF.CHARLES:Yes,they should expect the very best especially from next semester.We are putting a couple of programs in place.We are going to make sure that students receive their lectures as at when due.The quality of teaching and learning we also be enhanced.We are also working on different programs such as trainings,scholarships and exchange programs with different countries for students who excel,we can assure them that their  handwork will be rewarded.

    UNIZIK MATA:ALRIGHT Sir,that would be all thank you so much for your patience and your time,we shall be doing more of this as the need arises.

    PROF.CHARLES:Thank you too,you most welcome.


  1. I trust u guys jare,the interview is making so much sense.pls kip it up guys

  2. see ur big head,me am just enjoyn my okpa ova hre in my lodge

  3. pls i need help urgently,m from lagos i want to knw when unizik direct form will b out on sale n d exam date pls am Silverlyn 08135208337

  4. pls i need help urgently,m from lagos i want to knw when unizik direct form will b out on sale n d exam date pls am Silverlyn 08135208337

    1. sorry abt replying late,i seeldom read through comments here,pls you will find useful information about that on our can also contact us 07033880673,08063143600.tnks


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