Mama Peace is one of a kind and no matter whatever she does,I'll never laugh at her. Or better still,maybe the weight of her grammatical expression will say what my reaction will be. Be that as it may,I want to let all of us know that there is God.
You wake up in the morning,brush your teeth,dress up and move out to kidnap your fellow human being. He has worked so hard to be on top of his trade while you waste away your time. He toiled through sweat and sleepless nights just to get to where he is now. You kidnap him and demand for millions of naira which we all know,that even if you worked all through your life,your laziness will never allow you to make such amount of money. Hear me;'der ris God ooooooo'.

Your parents saved the little money they have and sent you to the university. You went there to become a "runz-gurl" just because you want to meet up to standard. You change your name from Chioma to Chio with a fake American accent. You deny ever eating garri and groundnut(that sweet combination) and everyone around you believes that your parents are mega rich. You jump from one hotel to another and from one laps to another. Only time will tell the result of your actions now. But hear me out; 'der ris God oooooooo'.
Oga Politician,you continue to travel from one city to another for your numerous conferences leaving your wife at home. Each town you enter,you instruct your boys to organise "conference babes" for you and your men. You forget easily that these ladies have parents who sent them to school and who are praying day and night,hoping that their daughter will graduate with a first class(first wetin?). You pounce them like wild fire and you've never sat down to think of what those white boys do to your daughter whom you sent abroad to study. As you continue to derail from your leadership mandate and continue to spoil our young girls,just have it at the back of your mind that; 'der ris God oooooo'.

Martin Beck Nworah,you continue to write and inspire millions of people around the world. Many think you're married and live in one of the best mansions in Abuja. Some even rumour you have three degrees with two from foreign universities. Many say that you're a half-cast with a life fortune of over 500 million dollars. In all of these adulation,you have not come out to clear the air and tell them the truth. You have not told them that you're still hustling and working hard to be noticed (na lie jooor). But whatever be the case,as you continue to climb up in the social ladder,just bear in mind that; 'der ris God oooooooo'.
Till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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