And finally our exams have come and gone;  since both regular and diploma students have all finished their exams. Students have started packing their bag and baggage, and leaving "A" town as soon as they can. Based on our recent survey, report has it that, the school hostel is almost empty as most students have gone to search greener pasture, before the school commences fully.

Ifite generally is as dry as ever as most lodges,
are very empty and without students. Students roaming the school environment can be counted, and the environs basically occupied by the villagers and the petty traders, who await our return.Students still around are fleeing on daily basis , to seek refuge in Temp-site or other manageable places. Temp-site is crowded as usual with people but cannot be compared when we have a full town. Fast food joints like Nourisha, Pals, Cruchies, Supreme, Mummy's Pot, Divine Kitchen and Mama Ekpere Special....are all having  a low turn out of customers and sales generally.

Due to the decline of students, they have agreed to subsidized the price of shawarma to #300 for all students that would be coming back by this weekend.

Our 300 Level students and 400 Level students [Faculty of Engineering] going on Industrial Training are almost out of town, most of them with no IT placement yet. Some are still roaming the streets of major cities and towns, submitting letters and receiving insults from gate men of top companies. If getting an IT placement is this difficult, I wonder how getting a work would be like. We wish you all the very best as you scout for a placement.

We advice the students to keep in touch with their departmental Heads and Faculty Heads, as some departments have started lectures, while some are already fixing quiz dates for their departments. The school calender is also out and based on the calender, second has already started. While giving yourselves your personal elongated holidays, do ensure your ears are back in school, to pick up the latest of information in and around the school.

We wish you all the best of the short break..We would bring you up to speed with the latest happenings in and around Unizik..


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