UNESCO Introduces Guide Book On Action Research

The even which held in Abuja ran for three days and was presided over by UNESCO Regional Director, Hassana Alidou who told Sunday Trust that the workshop is designed to introduce educators and policy makers on a new guide book on Action Research in order to obtain better results with regards to adult and youth literacy.
“What you have here is a gathering of state agencies and universities working to empower trainers of trainers and implementers of literacy programmes,” she said.
She explained that the overall objective of the workshop is to infuse the mechanics to improve the adult and youth literacy on the ground as part of a capacity building programme.
She said the participants, drawn from various states and university agencies and departments , will be monitored over some period to see to that they have the desired impact on intended target.
Some of the facilitators, drawn from all over the world also spoke at the workshop.
Dr. Christen Glanz from Germany said, “Chriten Glanz
The essence of the programme is that we are sharing here results from research and practice from all over the world on how to develop quality adult and youth literacy programme in a multilingual programmes,” she said.
Another facilitator and one of the authors of the guide book, Mamman Mallam Garba explained the reason for compiling the guide book: “We wrote this book to be a guide to researchers on how to boost literacy for children and adult literacy. It is designed to show educators what has been done elsewhere, how it is done and how they can do something different to achieve result.”
He said that it took them two years of international cooperation to put the guide book together and expressed optimism that the results will be beneficial for the participants and those they will train using the book at a future date.

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